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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

how to make a nappy cake ?

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How to make a nappy cake

This beautiful baby shower centrepiece takes nappy cakes to a whole new level. Maxabella shows you how to make this pretty-in-pink floral gift that any expectant mum will love.

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Create a clever illusion and wow your friends with a nappy cake!  This nappy cake is a practical baby gift – it’s made with baby lotions, baby powder and bath wash as well as 50 newborn nappies and colourful hairbands. I still like to think it’s a grown-up kind of cake. Baby gifts are really for the mum and dad after all …
Like so many handmade gifts, a nappy cake looks thoughtful and impressive, but it’s not at all hard to put together.

What you need

  • 50+ newborn nappies
  • 4 bottles of baby products – we used a baby wash, powder, shampoo and lotion
  • 3 extra-large elastic bands, 1 large elastic band and 1 medium elastic band
  • 50 hair elastics (or elastic bands)
  • Scissors
  • Pretty wrapping paper
  • Pipe cleaners /washi tape /baker’s twine (depending on how you want to decorate your cake)

What you do

1. Roll the nappies

Roll each of the nappies and secure with a hair band. To keep things neat, roll the ‘open’ end of the nappy first. When you secure the roll, make sure the band is in approximately the same position for each nappy.

2. Add the baby products

Arrange the baby products in a circular group and secure together with an extra-large elastic band.  Add a second extra-large elastic band.

3. To create the first tier of nappies

Tuck the rolled nappies under both elastic bands so they circle the baby products. Tuck a second layer of rolled nappies under just one of the elastic bands (leaving the second elastic band to hold the first layer of nappies in tight). Wrap sides with wrapping paper.

4. To wrap with wrapping paper

Cut long strips of wrapping paper and fold in both ends to form a neat edge. Wrap around each tier of the cake and cut to size. Secure the ends with some washi tape (or normal sticky tape if you prefer). Alternatively, you can wrap each tier in a large ribbon and tie with a bow.

5. To create the second tier

Put the large elastic band around the top of the baby products and tuck a layer of rolled nappies under it so they sit on top of the first tier of nappies. Wrap sides with wrapping paper.

6. To create the top tier

Make a bundle of seven rolled nappies and secure with the medium-sized elastic band (or tie with baker’s twine as here). Put this layer of nappies onto the top of the cake. Wrap sides with wrapping paper.

7. To decorate the top

You can add a present bow, curls of ribbon or make your own flags, bunting or flowers.

8. To make the flowers

Cut two large flower shapes and two smaller flower shapes from your wrapping paper. Pierce the centre of the two large flowers with a pipe cleaner and thread through. Add the two smaller flowers to the top and fold the very tip of the pipe cleaner over to secure. Rotate the flowers so the petals form a circle. Crush the petals upwards then peel the layers back to form your flower.

9. To make the flags

Fold a piece of wrapping paper in half and, starting at the folded edge, cut inwards to make a triangle. Unfold the triangle to make a diamond shape, add glue, put a pipe cleaner along the folded line and fold the triangle to form a flag.
To make bunting: Cut the flags as per instructions above and glue them along a piece of baker’s twine. Tie each end of the baker’s twine to the top of a pipe cleaner with a neat bow (you could also use a skewer).
Enjoy making your friend this lovely present and best wishes to her and her new baby!

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