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Sunday, October 7, 2018

how to get pagibig number?


How to Get Pag-IBIG Number Online

Skip the hassle of going to the nearest office and get Pag-IBIG Number Online instead. Formally, it is called Pag-IBIG Fund Membership Identification Number or MID Number, a unique 12-digit number combination assigned to each member. It is essential in performing different transactions from remitting contributions to availing the benefits.

The Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) commonly known as Pag-IBIG Fund is a state-owned corporation in the Philippines which primarily offers assistance in housing loans and manages provident savings of its members among others.
How to Get Pag-IBIG Number Online
The Pag-IBIG Fund offers online services for an easier and faster transactions which includes the Online Membership Registration that enables individuals to become a member and get a Pag-IBIG Membership ID Number conveniently.
This is a step by step guide on how to get your Pag-IBIG Membership ID Number Online. Make sure you have a mobile number for confirmation notification after the registration.

How to Get Pag-IBIG Number Online

1. Go to Pag-IBIG Fund Online Services

1 Pag-IBIG Website
To start, go to the Official Website of Pag-IBIG – and click on the e-services banner found under the menus. You can refer to the screenshot above. On the other hand, you can just directly visit the Pag-IBIG Fund Online Services Website –

2. Complete the Pre-Registraion Form

2 Online Services
After you landed on the website, click on the Membership Registration image just below the Membership category. A welcome message should be displayed then click Continue button to proceed with the registration.
Basic Personal Information
As the root information of the Registration Form, enter your Last Name, First Name, Middle Name and Date of Birth (click on the calendar icon) and Verification Code. Make sure to enter them correctly since this cannot be changed once inside the actual electronic registration form or else start again. Double check the data and then click the Proceed button.

3. Accomplish the Pag-IBIG Online Membership Registration Form

The registration form should now be displayed on your screen. As you can notice, even if you click on your Last Name, it cannot be edited anymore as mentioned in the previous step. So, there are tabs above namely Member Info, Other Info and so on. These are the milestones in completing the registration.
Each field marked with red asterisk (*) are very important entries that should be filled and not left blank or else you will not be able to proceed. The next lines and screenshots will serve as a reference for some important sections of the form. Make sure to fill-up all entries if possible.
3a Member Info
Member Info. If your name enter is the same as in your Birth Certificate, mark  check the “Check if Same as Above“. Fill-up all entries if possible then click Next button.
3b Other Info
Other Info. In the Place of Birth field, click the link on “Click to get Place of Birth” then select a Region, Province and City/Municipality.
3c Address
Address. Click first the Get Zip Code link then select a Region, Province and City/Municipality and fill-up the applicable blank entries. If your Present Address is the same as the Permanent Address, mark  check the “Check if Same as above“.

Contacts. Click on the Enter Email Address Link to fill-up the corresponding field. Check the screenshot above.
3e Heirs
Heirs. In case of death, Fund benefits shall be divided among the member’s legal heirs in accordance with the New Civil Code as amended by the New Family Code. Click Add Heirs if applicable then enter the Heir’s Information.
3f Member Category
Member Category. Select your current status. If you are Unemployed/Not Yet Employed, select that one and proceed.
3g Employment History
Employment History. This is applicable only if you have worked before. Click on the Add Employment Detail and populate the blank entries.
3h Summary
Summary. Read the important notes displayed and review all your information entered. If you are satisfied enough, click on the Submit Registration button. The Successful Registration page shall indicate that the registration process was completed.

4. Print or Save Member’s Data Form (MDF)

4 Successful Registration Page
If it’s successful, a Successful Registration Page should appear and at the same time, you will receive confirmation text message with your RTN.
What is RTN? It stands for Registration Tracking Number, a temporary system-generated number combination given after the completion of online membership registration. Since it normally takes 2 working days before a Pag-IBIG ID Number will be assigned in your name, the RTN can be used when remitting a contribution or proof of membership to your HR Staff.
MDF Pop-Up Working
You can click on the Print MDF button and a pop-up window should be opened with your recently filled-up Member’s Data Form.
If its not showing after many clicks, pop-ups might be blocked in your browser. Click on the blocked pop-up icon aligned with the URL (Refer to the screenshot above if you have a hard time finding it). Then, select the “Always allow pop-ups for” and click Done button. Then, click on the Print MDFbutton again and a pop-up window should appear.
On the upper right corner of the active window, click on the  Download Icon or  Print Icon to perform the desired operation (download it or print it).
As you can notice on the upper right corner of your MDF, the Pag-IBIG MID Number is still empty while there is a Registration Tracking Number (RTN) below it. As mention above, RTN is just a temporary reference number for the issuance of Pag-IBIG MID Number.

5. Get Your Pag-IBIG Number

After 2 working days, you can verify your permanent Pag-IBIG ID Number by sending a text message with the following format:
IDSTAT <space>[RTN]<space><Birthdate MM/DD/YYYY>
Example : IDSTAT 912365478925 12/24/1979
Send To
0917 888 4363 for GLOBE and TOUCH MOBILE
0918 898 4363 for SMART, TALK N TEXT, RED MOBILE and SUN


  1. I already followed all the instructions but until now I never receive text message for my ID number what should I do?

  2. i already sent a message for my pag ibig no. but still no response? do i need to do another another online pag ibig application ?

  3. How will i know my number? Nag register kasi ako 3yrs ago pa ata hindi ko alam pano ko malalaman number ko

  4. How can i get my number? Nagregister ako nung friday 2days working but still no response?

  5. Pano un ung sakin Sabi after 3working days daw balikan ko eh d n aq binalik matagal na..makukuha ko pb number ko o mg aaplay aq panibago


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